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Hydraulic Door Closer in India

Hydraulic Door Closer Manufacturer

With the rich industrial experience we are highly engaged in offering wide range of Hydraulic Door Closer to satisfy various needs of our esteemed clients. These Hydraulic Door Closer are made of premium quality raw materials and are highly durable. This Hydraulic Door Closer works more smoothly than the normal Air-Controlled Door Closers because it has light oil as control fluid instead of air. It also has the adjustment screw to control the speed. The adjustable speed is 180◦ - 15◦ and 15◦ - 0◦.

hydraulic door closer is a device used to automatically close a door after it has been opened. It uses hydraulic fluid to control the speed and force at which the door closes. The primary purpose of a door closer is to ensure that a door closes securely and effectively, particularly in commercial or public buildings where fire safety regulations or security requirements may be in place. hydraulic door closer consists of a cylinder filled with hydraulic fluid, a piston, and a control valve. When the door is opened, the piston is compressed, and the hydraulic fluid is forced through the control valve, which regulates the flow of fluid. This controls the speed at which the door closes. The control valve can typically be adjusted to set the closing speed and force to suit the specific needs of the door.

Hydraulic Door Closers are also available in different sizes, dimensions, specification and designs according to the requirement of the customer. Our Hydraulic Door Closers are having qualities like smooth functioning, corrosion resistant and optimum performance. Our Hydraulic Door Closer is suitable for all types of applications of commercial and residential domestic buildings universally. We offer timely delivery of products and adhere to our disciplinary principles.

Features of Hydraulic Door Closer

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Smooth functioning
  • Easy installation
  • Door frame/Mounting
  • Up to 180deg door opening
  • Highly durable
  • Universal operation
Hydraulic Door Closer at Best Price from India
Hydraulic Door Closer
Automatic Door Closer Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter from Rajkot, India


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